McPherson-Toguchi Beach

Another awesome session this time with the McPherson Family. I met Ashley at bunko when we first got on island. Since then we have had a ton of play dates with our kids. Aren't these girls adorable. They are all so spunky.

 Aren't these girls beautiful

 love their sas

 Daddy kisses
 Sometimes we are just done taking pictures

Thanks McPherson so happy I could help you update your family photos. 


Hurst Family-The Gala

Its been awhile since I have updated my blog. Having 3 kids really does keep me busy. Shooting here in Okinawa has been great. I was able to capture this cute family before they leave the island and head back to the states. Their sweet girl also turned 2 so we got to capture some fun 2 year old pictures. 

 Two year old sure are silly and are always on the move.

Safe travels Hursty family you will be missed.


6 day old Ike-University Palce, WA

I love this little man, he happens to be the newest member of one of my best friends. This little dude was so great for his pictures and check out all that hair!

We went for more of a lifestyle photo shoot. The Johnson's love to read and Ladybug Girl is one of their favorites.

Best big brother. There is so much love here

I think Ike knows he is in for some crazy times with his older siblings.

Chloe lost her tooth during our session.

Squishy cheeks!


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