The Wood Family- Pt Defiance Park

The Wood family is so much fun.  They love to be outside and run around and climb trees. It made for a very eventful morning. 

The leaves were just starting to fall, its a bitter sweet thing. The fall colors are beautiful but that also means cold rainy weather.

This day however happened to be beautiful

Love the bridge

Miss S loved this stick, she was so cute and kept holding it up in front of her face, I guess she really wanted a picture with it.

She loves to climb trees

Sisters off to find dad

Miss C is on the move.  She loves to run and run and run

One little girl thinks her daddy is the funniest

Sabrina wanted a picture of them kissing on the bench.  Glad the geese decided they needed to be in the picture

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is capturing candid moments.  Its so fun to watch and capture these moments

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