Helping the Johnson's

Its with a very heavy heart I write this post for I am still in shock and can't imagine what our good friends the Johnson's are going through. A few days ago my friend Jill had their sweet baby Schuylar (pronounced Skyler). When Schuylar was born they found out that she had a few problems with her heart and a few days later has been diagnosed with a genetic disorder as a result baby Schuylar is in the NICU.  Since this is such a hard time I want to help ease some of the financial burdens, I am going to donate 50% of my proceeds to the Johnson's for a few months.

Baby Schuylar

Team Johnson

If you would like to book a session we can all help baby Schuylar and the Johnson Family. You can e-mail me at, send me a message on facebook, or call and text me at 805-441-9691.  Thank You for your help and support!

If you are in California and would like to support them I am going to be in San Luis from January 29th - February 19th and am more than happy to book some sessions.

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