Seth is one

So a few months ago we headed over to snap a few pictures of this cute one year old. Not sure how this year has gone by so fast but it has. This little guy is so funny. 

Non walking one year olds are better than walking one year olds because its easier to take pictures of them. They stay in one spot pretty well.

Had to try to lift this rock

Then got really mad that it was too heavy and he couldn't. This is him throwing a fit.

A stick will work okay I guess.

Guess he didn't like getting attacked by the balloons

Love my sweet one year old.

Erin Farrar  – (May 24, 2013 at 9:03 AM)  

The ones with the crown on he still looks like a baby, but in the blue shirt he is a little boy! So crazy, and so cute. I love the throwing fit pictures. So funny. Can't wait to play with him in a couple months.

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