The Georges

While I was in Utah this summer.  Man where has the time gone? I conviced my sister in law Jen that we need to take their family picture.  Last time they had family pictures was 2 years ago when we did our huge Pearson family picture.  Jen and her family just moved back to the states after being in Germany and Sweeden for the past 4 years. We are so excited to have them closer.  Thanks George family for hiking up the canoyon so we could get some pictures.

Davin is getting so big hi is in PreK this year.  He loves to swim, play legos, be a big brother

Alec and my little guy are about 7 months apart and fight like crazy.  I think they are a little to much alike.  It will be fun to watch them over the years.  Alec likes to play train, legos and likes to explore his new yard.

Jen and Mila.  Mila has the biggest brown eyes.  I love them.

The boys were being so great because they knew they were going to get ice cream after we were done with pictures.  Here they are screaming ice cream for the picture.

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